Whitelist a Domain

You can edit your domain whitelist at any time in All settings  → Message filters . To add a domain address to the whitelist, fill in the field and click Add. To remove an address from the whitelist, select it and click delete from list.

If you are subscribed to a mailing list which is treated as spam by mistake, you can exclude its address from filtering by clicking Not spam! on the page when reading messages. The address will be whitelisted and new messages from the mailing list will go to the Inbox.

Blacklist a Domain

To block unwanted messages from a domain, add the domain address to the blacklist.

  1. Go to All settings  → Message filters.
  2. Fill in the information and click Add.

Restriction.Only a full email address can be added to the blacklist, such as “”. Partial addresses such as “*” or “©” will be ignored.

Messages from an unwanted address will stop coming only after you add the address to the blacklist. All previously received messages will not be deleted and will remain in your mailbox.

To remove an address from the blacklist, select it and click delete from list.

Attention.The blacklist does not protect you from Spam because the From field can be easily forged. Using a blacklist is effective only when you are dealing with a real sender.